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We able to push your work or your company forward

Some Of Our Product

SIEM SolutionS

we are part of partner with biggest company SIEM solution and we able to provide you best choose with low price

Penetration TEST

we provide security audit for all single detail in datacenter ( network, servers, applications, etc...)

Share Center

we provide full solution & management solutions for centralization file sharing with the best security practices

Archiving Systems

we are part of the biggest company in the archiving systems and we are able to handle millions of documents very fast.

VPN Connection

we provide Secure VPN Connection to connect your sites together securely or to connect your clients or employees securely with your infrastructure.

Vulnerability Detection

we provide vulnerability tools for the companies and banks to detect the weaknesses in systems to solve it

Database Management

we provide full solution & management solutions for various types of databases.

SOAR Solutions

we provide the SOAR Solutions with fully integration with systems and SIEM Solutions

Security Enterprises

All Information Security services


Monitor your infrastructure real time

Server MGMT

Manage your Linux and windows server easily with our solutions


Monitor your network, servers, databases, etc...

Ticket System

follow your work and don't pass anything

Queue System

Make your customers happy

Project from A to Z

CCTV Solution

Design and implementation of modern CCTV rooms with the newest technologies


Datacenter design

Design and implementation of modern Datacenter rooms with international standards


VoIP Solution

Design and implementation of modern VoIP Solutions with IVR with very secure by newest technologies

Digital Transformation

we have a lot of solutions to change paperwork to digital work with fully high security without losses in data or downtime. moreover, have the ability to succeed in this work not just for selling solutions without results. also, information security is a part of us and we give the highest priority to cybersecurity and information security.
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